Undergraduate Courses

This list comprises courses approved for the Undergraduate Minor in Medieval Studies. An off-list course that focuses on a medieval topic will be approved on an individual basis.

Art and Art History

AH 330. Medieval Art

AH 332. Early Christian, Byzantine & Islamic Art

AH 334. Early Medieval Art and Archaeology

AH 336. Viking Art and Archaeology

AH 338. Romanesque and Gothic Art


Eng 316/Mlll 375. Introduction to Medieval Studies* 

* N. B. This course is required for all medieval studies minors. It can be satisfied by taking HST 309.

Eng 317. Chaucer 

Eng 318. Medieval Romance

Eng 319. Medieval Drama 

Eng 320. The Heroic Age

Eng 321. Literature of Medieval Europe

Eng 322. Studies in Medieval Literature 

Eng 417. Early Middle English

Eng 418. Advanced Studies in Chaucer

Eng 419. 14th-Century English Literature

Eng 420. Medieval Lit of the North Atlantic

Eng 421. Literature of Medieval Europe

Eng 422. Literature of Medieval Piety

Eng 423. Special Topics in Medieval Literature 

Eng 424. Medieval Forms and Genres


Hst 307. History of Ancient Christianity 

Hst 309. The Middle Ages*

*N.B. This course is required for medieval studies minors. It can be satisfied by taking Eng 316/Mlll 375. 

Hst 310. History of Medieval Christianity 

Hst 311. Medieval Church and Empire 

Hst 317. Late Middle Ages and Renaissance 

Hst 348/GSt 348. Women Who Ruled in European History

Hst 350. History of the Muslim World: Origins to the Middle Ages 


Lat 321. Latin Prose

Lat 322. Roman Historians

Lat 323. Roman Oratory

Lat 329. Medieval Latin           

Lat 331. Latin Poetry

Lat 332. Vergil

Lat 333. Ovid

Lat 334. Roman Lyric

Lat 335. Roman Elegy

Lat 337. Roman Comedy

Lat 338. Roman Satire

Lat 340. Literature of the Neronian Age

Lat 341. Literature of the Roman Empire

Lat 342. Early Roman Literature             

Lat 343. Literature of the Late Republic

Modern Languages

Eng 506/Lin 521. Old English I 

Eng 507/Lin 522. Old English II 

Eng 508/Lin 524. Advanced History of the English Language 

Eng 513/Lin 513. Old Norse

Fr 574/Lin 531. History of French Language

Fr 577. Survey of French Literature I

Fr 582. Medieval and Renaissance French Literature

Germ 574/Lin 534. History of the German Language

Germ 577. Survey of German Literature & Culture I

Ital 331. Intro to Italian Literature and Literary Analysis

Span 574/Lin 538. History of Spanish Language

Span 577. Survey of Spanish Literature I

Span 581. Medieval Literature

Span 582. Cervantes


Mus 501. Music of the Medieval/Renaissance Period

Philosophy and Religious Studies

Phil 301. History of Philosophy I

Phil 307. Medieval Philosophy

Rel 323. Islam

Rel 326. Saints and Sexuality

Rel 342. Jesus and Mohammad

Rel 372. Rise of Christianity