Graduate Minor


A student may pursue a Graduate Minor in Medieval Studies if they have been admitted in full-standing to a master’s, specialist, or doctoral degree program. Medieval Studies is an “add on” (rather than a “stand alone”) graduate minor. Students will have been admitted to a master’s or doctoral program in their home departments.


The Graduate Minor in Medieval Studies consists of 12 credit hours of approved courses.

  • A maximum of 6 hours may be taken in the student’s home department.
  • A maximum of 6 hours may count toward the student’s home degree program and the Medieval Studies Minor.
  • No course below the 500-level can count toward the Graduate Minor. (N. B. This does not apply to “stacked” courses, which have a dual listing.)
  • An off-list course relevant to a medieval topic will be reviewed by the Medieval Graduate Minor Core Faculty, and approved on a case-by-case basis.  

Additionally, the Medieval Studies Graduate Minor recognizes the stipulations about course work outlined by UM’s Graduate College:

  • No transfer credits shall count toward the Medieval Studies Minor’s 12-hour requirement.
  • No more than 3 hours shall come from a practicum, an internship, research courses, or individual study courses.
  • A minimum G.P.A. of 3.0 is required for courses counted toward the graduate minor.
  • The Graduate School’s rules regarding repeating courses apply.
  • The time limit for completing a graduate minor is four years.
  • The student must complete the 12 hours within four years (i.e. from when the first course counted toward the Graduate Minor began).

Latin Requirement

In addition to coursework, students must complete the Latin requirement. 


No separate application to the Graduate College is required. Prospective students will submit a petition for admission after having completed half (6 credit hours) of their coursework toward the minor.

Core Faculty

Valerio Cappozzo, Associate Professor of Italian

Mary Hayes, Associate Professor of English, Director of Medieval Studies

Daniel O’Sullivan, Professor of French