An interdisciplinary course of study, Medieval Studies affiliates professors from various home departments.

Art History

Bokyung Kim  

Visiting Assistant Professor of Art and Art History

Art and artifacts in intercultural Medieval Asia 

Nancy L. Wicker

Professor of Art History

Medieval art history and archaeology, Scandinavia, Early Medieval reception of Roman Art, gender in archaeology, Germanic-style animal art, runic literacy


Sarah Baechle

Assistant Professor of English

Middle English language and literature, Chaucer, manuscript studies

Mary Hayes 

Associate Professor, Director of the Medieval Studies Minor

History of the English Language, Old and Middle English, vernacular literature and literacy, popular religious literature, magic in literature


Frances Kneupper 

Associate Professor of History

Religious and cultural history of late Middle Ages, heresy, prophecy, dissent

Nicolas Trépanier 

Associate Professor of History

Medieval history, Middle East, foodways, Anatolia

Jeffrey R. Watt

Kelly Gene Cook, Sr. Professor of History

Medieval and Early Modern History, historiography, social history, witchcraft, the Reformation


Valerio Cappozzo 

Associate Professor of Italian, Director of the Italian Language Program

Medieval Italian dream vision poetry with special emphasis on the Islamic dream

Brad Cook 

Professor of Classics

Medieval Latin, Classical tradition in the Middle Ages, Byzantine Empire and Renaissance

María García Otero 

Croft Instructional Associate Professor of Spanish

Castilian Hagiography, Medieval Castilian geopolitical hegemony, and Medieval and Early Modern Iberian monasticism

Christopher Hutchinson 

Assistant Professor of German

Medieval and Early Modern German literature, Old Norse literature, print history, medicine and disease in literature, second-language pedagogy

Veronica Menaldi 

Associate Professor of Spanish

Al-Andalus, premodern Iberian literature and culture, manuscript studies, magic and the occult, literary criticism

Daniel E. O’Sullivan 

Professor of French, Chair of Modern Languages

Manuscript and material culture, philology, historical linguistics, and textual criticism of music and text


Michael Gardiner 

Associate Professor of Music

Intersection of theological and musical space, Hildegard von Bingen

Philosophy and Religious Studies 

Drew Billings 

Instructional Assistant Professor of Religion 

Early Christianity in the Ancient Mediterranean World

James Bos 

Associate Professor of Religion

Judaism, Early Christianity, Abrahamic Traditions

Shem Miller 

Instructional Assistant Professor of Religion

Christianity and Judaism in Antiquity

Mary F. Thurlkill 

Professor of Religion

Early Church History, Medieval Christianity and Islam, Merovingian Gaul, Shi’ism, and gender studies

Professors Emeriti

Melvin S. Arrington 

Professor Emeritus of Spanish

Lester L. Field, Jr. 

Professor Emeritus of History

J. R. Hall 

Professor Emeritus of English

Warren Steel 

Professor Emeritus of Music