Graduate Courses

Graduate Courses

This list comprises courses approved for the Graduate Minor in Medieval Studies. An off-list course relevant to a medieval topic will be reviewed by the Medieval Graduate Minor Core Faculty, and approved on a case-by-case basis.  

Art History

AH 530. Medieval Art

AH 532. Early Christian, Byzantine, and Islamic Art

AH 534. Early Medieval Art and Archaeology

AH 536. Viking Art and Archaeology

AH 538. Romanesque and Gothic Art



Eng 703. Studies in Early English Literature

Eng 705. Studies in Middle English

Eng 706. Studies in Chaucer



Eng 506/Lin 521. Old English I 

Eng 507/Lin 522. Old English II: Beowulf 

Eng 508/Lin 524. Advanced History of the English Language  

Eng 513/Ling 513. Old Norse

Fr 574/Lin 531. History of the French Language

Fr 577. Survey of French Lit I 

Fr 582. French Medieval and Renaissance Literature

Germ 574/Lin 534. History of the German Language

Germ 577. Survey of German Literature and Culture to 1600

Lat 621. Latin Prose

Lat 629. Medieval Latin

Lat 631. Latin Poetry

Lat 632. Vergil

Lat 633. Ovid

Pending approval, February 2024:

Lat 622: Roman Historians, Lat 623: Roman Oratory, Lat 634: Roman Lyric, Lat 635: Roman Elegy, Lat 637: Roman Comedy, Lat 638: Roman Satire, Lat 640: Literature of the Neronian Age, Lat 641: Literature of the Roman Empire, Lat 642: Early Roman Literature, Lat 643: Literature of the Late Republic

Span 574/Lin 538. History of the Spanish Language

Span 577. Survey of Spanish Lit I

Span 581. Medieval Literature

Span 582. Cervantes 



Mus 501. Medieval and Renaissance Music