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Medieval Studies is part of a lively interdisciplinary community at the University of Mississippi that sponsors speakers, performers, annual essay prizes, “movie nights,” and reading groups. We currently have 16 professors from 8 different departments who teach over 30 undergraduate courses and several graduate courses on medieval subjects. Graduate students can enroll in the Medieval Studies Graduate minor while undergrads can pursue the Medieval Studies Minor.

Students who pursue Medieval Studies will learn that “the Middle Ages” was in fact comprised of various cultures, artistic trends, literature, languages, philosophies, and religious practices. As an interdisciplinary course of study, Medieval Studies complements many majors well as it encourages more focused learning within fields such as history, English, foreign languages, religion, art, and music.

Medieval Studies is well-suited to a student who:

  • is intellectually serious and enjoys academic challenges.
  • will embrace the opportunity to craft a course of interdisciplinary study that speaks to his or her individual interests.
  • has recreational and/or scholarly tastes that are temporally counter-cultural.

For more information about the undergraduate Minor in Medieval Studies, graduate Minor in Medieval Studies, or the community of medievalists at the University of Mississippi, please contact Dr. Mary Hayes.

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