Undergraduate Minor

The undergraduate Minor in Medieval Studies is an interdisciplinary course of study that includes the period from 476 to 1517. Students will be encouraged to take courses from a wide range of disciplines, which makes this minor well-suited to many majors. They will come to understand that “the Middle Ages” in fact includes a wide variety of cultures, artistic trends, literature, languages, philosophies, and religious practices. In developing a deeper appreciation for the past, students will come to a better understanding of the foundation of our fast-paced, ever-changing present day world.

The Minor in Medieval Studies consists of 18 semester hours, including HIST 309 or ENG 316 (ENGL 375 under the pre-2016 numbering system) or MLLL 375. Students must complete 15 hours at the 300-level or above from the approved list of courses below. The 18 semester hours must be taken in at least three different areas (e.g. ENG, SPAN, GERM), with 15 hours in an area different than the student’s major.  Courses taken under a general rubric (such as ENGL 498: Seminar in English) that focus on a medieval field of study (such as if ENGL 498 were taught as “The Literature of Medieval Piety”) can count toward the minor with clearance from the College of Liberal Arts.

How Can I sign up for the Medieval Studies Minor?

Students can sign up for the Medieval Studies minor online by following these steps:

Go to “myolemiss.” Click on the “Student” tab.

From the menu, click on “Academics.”

Then choose “Change Specializations and Minors.”

Your course of study will be displayed. To add the minor, select “Add Minor” and then specify in the drop-down menu “Medieval Studies.”

You can also sign up at the College of Liberal Arts (Ventress Hall) or by calling the College of Liberal Arts (662-915-7177).